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Black Currant in a Double Hammock with a Freshwater finish, wrong side out.

Jay McMillin, CLEC

Jay is a Professional Babywearing Educator, Lactation Educator, and mother of a 4 year old girl. She is trained and certified through the Center for Babywearing Studies as a Babywearing Consultant, and has completed the University of California San Diego Certified Lactation Educator training. She is a University of California Berkeley graduate, and holds a degree in Ethnic Studies with a minor in Asian American Studies.


Jay has years of experience as a postpartum educator, and has been fortunate to be a part of hundreds of families breastfeeding and babywearing journeys. She is currently an Advanced Babywearing Educator with Babywearing International, and an active volunteer in her local La Leche League. She currently serves on the local level Board of Directors for both organizations.

Jay is proud to wear and support companies that are globally, ethically minded in where they source their materials, how they produce their goods, and how their workers are treated in every stage of the production process. Reviews on this site are never paid for. She is a longtime environmentalist, and is proud to work as the Classes and Events Coordinator at a family owned Diaper Service and Baby Boutique – Tiny Tots. In her free time (ha!) she enjoys reading, writing, and obsessing over food. She calls the Bay Area, California home – where she resides with her partner and Dragon Daughter.


Rucking in Brooklyn
Rucking in Brooklyn



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