Review: Lenny Lamb Florence

Showing off the pattern on this Florence Rosa
Showing off the pattern on this Florence Rosa

When Rachel over at 5 Minute Recess asked me to test out one of their new *Exclusives* woven by Lenny Lamb, I jumped at the opportunity. 5mr is known for carrying some of the lesser known budget wrap lines, and I am all for some more accessible woven wraps on the market. I haven’t wrapped with many Lenny Lambs. I have owned a Broken Twill Weave Bamboo & Cotton woven from one of their older lines, and it churned through here quicker than any other wrap I’ve ever owned. It just wasn’t my thing – too thin and slippery with a giant 2.5 year old toddler. I kept hearing all these rave reviews of them as budget carriers, and I wanted to experience it. I had some high expectations going in.


The Florence wrap had such an awesome pattern. It pictures these cute little flowery vines, creeping up into a smattering of polka dots and randomly placed leaves. I am a sucker for anything inspired by plants, so I was drawn to this wrap from the first time I saw it. I was shocked by the color palette. The Jewel Tones are so unexpected for a nature inspired wrap, it gives them this funky psychedelic feel that would be the perfect statement piece in anyone’s wrap collection. It is unique, and I am always into that. I took a 4.2 meter Florence Rosa home with me. I hate Pink, but I loved the boldness of this one against the Mauve weft, so I went for it.


Florence Lavanda in a Double Hammock with a Saltwater Finish
Florence Lavanda in a Double Hammock with a Saltwater Finish

It was nice and soft after just one wash, didn’t even need to be broken in or ironed. This wrap was nothing like the slippery Bamboo & cotton blend I had tried before. It had just the right amount of grip for some rock solid multi-pass carries, but was still very easy to wrap with. I got some of the easiest double hammocks I have had in a while, complete with fancy finishes. I was able to try it out in a few different SlingRing finishes too, and I loved the ease with which it slid through the rings. So much so that I was inspired to make a video tutorial while I had the wrap in my possession. It was just so moldable and wonderful in hand. All the things that I had heard about Lenny Lamb – that they were really easy to break in and supportive and lovely and easy to wrap with, and a fantastic budget wrap and on and on… well turns out they were true about Florence. That’s why I never shrug off a brand after only trying one of their wraps…. I am always having my mind changed by the new things coming out. At 280 g/m^2, this wrap is actually considered thick. Some others that weigh in right around this wrap are a few Didymos Hempies, and many wraps from Pavo’s form line – but this was waaaay easier to break in with the same amount of support.


Managed to get a shot with all four of the colors together
Managed to get a shot with all four of the colors together

I was able to help style the shoot for the launch of this wrap, and so I got to see the various colors in action. Lavanda, Turchese, Rosa, and Blu aptly called to represent the Italian city which they are named for. Against that warm mauvey background (a creative choice I feel rather than a plainer white or creme weft), the colors are inviting, not loud. At this shoot I also got to see multiple mamas with varying degrees of wrapping skills try on these wraps in different carries. All around, they were accessible and easy to pull off a comfortable wrap job with… even for the 20lb (& up) toddlers that many of us had up on our backs. It was smiles all around, even after a long day of wearing.


10849989_10152392096220356_93247724501103343_n (2)
Close up of Florence Blu with 25lbs of wrapped toddler butt

Thanks to 5mr for enlightening me once again. This Lenny Lamb really rises above many of the other budget friendly wraps on the market now. I look forward to seeing what comes next from you guys. You never disappoint me.


*** I was not compensated by 5mr or LL for this review. Views expressed were not coerced, not even for chocolate or Starbuck’s Cards. ;)***




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