Review: A New Budget Line to Swoon Over

20141101_134639 Back in November, I received this Vena Cava Tester from Smitten With Wovens. It will be the Freshman release for this budget line woven at a mill here in the United States. I can’t help but love when I find a company to support locally, even more so when it is at an accessible price. It is with much anticipation that I have been awaiting the release of this fun new line. The time has finally come…

Exploring the neighborhood
Exploring the neighborhood in Vena Cava

When I opened the package, the print jumped right out at me. It was bold and fun. Reminiscent of those heart shaped chalky candies that we all used to give each other as children for Valentine’s Day, it made me smile when I looked at it. Even though it was my least favorite color in the whole world, I was excited to try it out. This woven can be worn in any direction, inside out or upside down – and the print looks equally appealing no matter what. That is a real highlight when you first lay eyes on it. It was pretty soft right out the bag, but it was so fluffy and had a great texture after a quick wash. I didn’t even bother to iron it, but it wasn’t really necessary. Right off, it reminded me of many of the 100% cotton Natibaby’s that have passed through here over the years. Beautiful tight Jacquard weave, nice weight in hand. It was medium thick, weighing in at 235 g/m2 pre-wash. Super supportive, and nowhere near beastly despite being totally toddler worthy. It had this gorgeous Ecru warp that was all satiny and shiny, so I kinda thought that it would be rather slippery to play with… but all the texture in those little hearts gave it some great grip. I had an easy time wrapping in it, and pulled off some fancy finishes while I was at it. It had the slightest bit of bounce to it, allowing you to get those passes really tight, with no sag after the fact. It was wide enough for a big kid too, 70cm top to bottom. I never struggled with getting a solid seat with this leggy toddler. The length was 4.6 meters, so I did a lot of multi-pass carries while I had it. It wrapped very true to size, with totally reasonable tapers making knot tying a breeze. I put my 27 lb 2.5 year old Dragon Baby up in a Double Hammock and took a long hike with her around the neighborhood, covering several miles while she took a nap on my back. Rock solid. Not only did she not budge at all, but I didn’t feel any kind of strain after the journey. I was thrilled that this new line was off to such a great start.

My friend Cristina giving it a go with her toddler
My friend & fellow educator Cristina, giving it a go with her toddler

Over the next few weeks I wore and wore that Pink carrier. Color aside, I was really loving having it. We tried out some different double hammock finishes, a Ruck with a Slingring finish and later tied Tibetan. In every carry it totally passed the giant toddler test. I never felt like I was wrestling with the passes, and got a comfy and secure carry every time. My toddler loved it so much, she actually asked to be wrapped in it. :gasp: Who wouldn’t love a wrap covered in hearts? It’s like practically impossible. I handed it off to another avid wrapping friend with a toddler wearee, and she loved it too! Every single person who got their hands on this tester has loved it, without exception.

Hearts at the Polls
Hearts at the Polls

I would totally recommend this wrap for anyone! It is a great woven for first time wrappers and long time collectors alike.  It is really low maintenance – 100% cotton means no fuss when it comes to caring for this budget woven. For those who are easily put off by the thought of breaking in something, this beauty was easy peasy. It took almost no effort to soften it up.  It’s floppy enough for a newborn, and thick enough to carry around a preschooler and not hate yourself for it later. I could see this being a very versatile woven for a family looking to purchase only one wrap to grow with their child from infant to toddler stages (Ha! Sound familiar? I think my husband fell for that line once) or a caregiver with multiple aged children looking for a versatile budget friendly carrier option. It would be a great fit for a lending library too!

Ruck with Slingring finish in the parking lot
Ruck with Slingring finish in the parking lot

I inquired about the price, and was told that they are planning to retail right around $120 for a size 5 (4.2 meters). I couldn’t believe it when they told me that pricing! I can honestly say that this line is going to give some of those more mid-range brands a run for their money! What a lovely option for those looking to bring something beautiful into their home at a price that isn’t going to make them uncomfortable. I am by no means opposed to budget lines, I own quite a few and they can be fantastic… I am just loving seeing the growth in the industry and how much more available awesome woven wraps like these are becoming. Bravo for contributing to our job growth locally, and for making an outstanding product to boot. This line is making their debut March 20, 2015 at 5pm/PST, and will be sold exclusively on 5 Minute Recess.  I am so excited to see what other colors it will be released in!   I really can’t wait to see what else they come out with. I’m totally Smitten. 😉

Comes complete with tons of Sleepy Dust

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  1. I’m so glad to read this! I’m brand new to baby wearing and have been watching lots of your videos. I just bought a smitten based on the pattern alone (brave, I know) and when i googled “smitten reviews,” I had to read yours! lol

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