Tutorial: Double Hammock Torso Carry

This Double Hammock variation on a torso carry is a very supportive multi-pass torso carry. This is best done with your base size wrap. Here I am using a Size 5 (4.2 meter) Natibaby Passiflora.

Great for those with picky shoulders or less cooperative kids. It can be done with a longer wrap, whereas a traditional Torso Carry requires a shorter length of fabric.


Published by Jay McMillin

I am a Slow food chef & Epicurean Concierge turned stay at home mama. U.C. Berkeley Alumni and 11 year resident of the Bay Area. I am a Breastfeeding, baby wearing, Farmers' Market loving parent to a crazy dragon baby. I love cooking, and am a huge fan of seasonal, organic fare. I enjoy taking my 1 year old foodie daughter out on hikes and trying to keep up with her social calendar.

2 thoughts on “Tutorial: Double Hammock Torso Carry

  1. Thank you sooooo much for all your tutorials,reviews and advice! I am a first time mum to a 13 month year old and started carrying around 6 weeks (Kari-Me stretch wrap) after having to have a caesarean which proved to be too soon..I persevered after with the use of a buggy too and am currently learning more wraps after purchasing my first woven recently..LOVING IT! My son is slowly but surely getting used to back wraps as he much prefers being in front..it’s so helpful especially when I need to prep dinner etc. Thank you again, I find you’re input incredibly inspiring with the assistance of Dragon baby 🙂 Too cute

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